Friday 23 September 2011

Cold in da doze...

Sorry not to reply to comments yet, there have been some very lovely ones which made me feel all warm inside, and also very lucky to have met such wonderful bloggers (oh, and Rachel, the Edith Wharton came from the previous day, otherwise I'd have offered it to you first!) but right now I'm feeling all sorry for myself, with a cold.  I know, man flu man flu... I must confess I'm good at feeling sorry for myself, but I'm also good at being proactive about it - I have bought most of the Boots medicine counter, and made myself a big saucepan of carrot and coriander soup to see me through the next couple of days.

So I'm getting lots of early nights at the moment - will come back and tell you about the twenty (!!) books I bought on Wednesday when I'm feeling more alive.


  1. You're a very organised invalid! Hope you feel better soon. Colds are very underrated in my opinion, they can be really nasty. You have every reason to feel sorry for yourself (and of course a lovely pile of new books to cheer you up again).

  2. Helen - thank you! I certainly make sure I don't go without medication...


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