Saturday 20 November 2010

Stuck-in-a-Book's Weekend Miscellany

My week has been slightly confused, since I've spent all day convinced that it was Saturday... which has essentially given me an extra day in the week. How could I have thought it was the weekend without my weekend miscellany? Book, blog post, and link coming up...

1.) The blog posts - are myriad. I mentioned earlier in the week a little blogger meet-up to welcome Thomas to our sceptr'd isle, and I thought I'd point you in the direction of the various reports of the day. Especially of interest if you like to see photos of the people behind the blogs... Here are links to the reports: Thomas, Polly, Miranda, Claire, Hayley.

2.) The link - a friend of mine mentioned that the Paris Review Interviews were now available online - here. I've bought the collected interviews they've published over the years, but now I can have a skim through for any author. Here's some ideas for you: interviews with A.S. Byatt, E.M. Forster, Graham Greene, Milan Kundera, Iris Murdoch, P.L. Travers, Rebecca West, and P.G. Wodehouse.

3.) The book - isn't really a book... but Mills and Boon (Heaven knows how they got my email address) sent me this image earlier in the week:


  1. Simon that is so funny - Mills and Boon really sent you that? I would definitely not have you down as the typical Mills and Boon reader but maybe they beg to differ? :-)

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed reading the posts about your blog friend get-together at Persephone and those cakes! Of course, there was dealing with the envy afterwards...still not over it.

  3. Was it really a week ago we met up? *sob* I wish we were doing it over this weekend (minus the lift).

    Thanks so much for the Paris Interviews link! I covet the editions photographed.

    Mills and Boon: *snort* (and, yes, what ARE you doing on their mailing list?!)

  4. That Mills and Boon cover is hilarious... how did they get your email, are you sure youre not a secret M&B lover?

    One ofmy dearest friends is writing an M&B

  5. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about ya'll's gathering last weekend. M&B, huh? Doesn't quite fit the profile...

  6. From what I could see on Thomas' blog the blogger meet-up was a lot of fun! I adore the Paris Review Interviews and almost bought a sale copy of some last year. Glad I can read them online now.


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