Sunday 24 January 2010

Project 24... oops

Project 24 - #2 & #3

So, on my travels to Suffolk, Mum and I had three things definitely factored into the itinerary - aside from seeing her sister, of course. Firstly was the spectacular (and spectacularly cheap) hot chocolate at the Essex Rose in Dedham - a three-mug jugful for £2! - second was meeting up with lovely Elaine of Random Jottings, more on that tomorrow, and last was... Castle Books in Colchester. Back in 2001 we had a family holiday in Felixstowe, and popped over to Colchester. Castle Books was where my AA Milne liking developed into an obsession, as they had quite a few of his books, quite cheaply. And I've had fond memories of it ever since.

It didn't disappoint - a wonderful stock, very reasonable prices, and enough temptation to tip me halfway through February on my Project 24 restrictions... that's right, I bought two. On any other day I'd have happily bought ten, so I do count it as *something* of a success... no?

First up is I. Compton-Burnett by Pamela Hansford Johnson, a little booklet about ICB's novels from 1951 - it looks like an interesting snapshot of response to ICB by another interesting novelist.

And second is a beautiful book called More Talk of Jane Austen by Shelia Kaye-Smith and GB Stern. I've flicked through Talking of Jane Austen once or twice, though I don't own it - the books look like a lovely mix - informal chat about Jane Austen from the mouths of those with know-how. Indulgent without being unscholarly - think this'll be one to curl up with soon.

So, there we have it! Numbers 2 and 3 in my Project 24. I also bought a little book about EF Benson in Castle Books, but that was a gift for Elaine - who, in turn, gave me a book - which you'll be hearing more about tomorrow...


  1. Ooh I like the look of that Austen book. Please post a review.

  2. It was just a weekend for "misbehavin'." My husband took me to a local independent bookstore that I'd never been to and I found 3 Persephones! OVER HERE! All the big chain stores only have them "for order only." You could definitely see the influence of all of you Brit bloggers on my purchases - I also picked up one of Susan Hill's books (loved HEIOTL and have been wanting to try some of her fiction) and the first Rebus mystery by Ian Rankin. I did buy ONE American book, The Help by Kathryn Stockett, which my SIL insisted that I read with her.
    Mercifully, I haven't actually set a number for my year of buying doesn't help that my beloved willingly goes along to "aid and abet." :)
    Happy Reading,
    Susan in TX

  3. Hahaha brilliant, but still I don't think going one book over your monthly allowance is too bad... just maybe dont let this be the start of a trend hee hee, looking forward to seeing the book you got from Elaine.

  4. Vintage Reading - I will hopefully be able to read this before *too* long (though you know how it is) and will definitely write about it when I do.

    Susan - glad you're joining me in misbehavin'! But I need to know details - which Persephones, which Susan Hill?!

    Simon - you've made me feel a bit better :-) Let's hope I haven't opened the floodgates...

  5. Here you go - the Persephones first:
    Saplings by Noel Streatfeild (b/c I love her children's books and wanted to try her adult fiction), Someone at a Distance by Dorothy Whipple (b/c much good has been written about Whipple), and Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day by W. Watson (b/c I was on a roll at this point! :) ) I would've grabbed Kitchen Essays but they didn't have it.

    My dh is the one who spotted the Susan Hill title on the bargain shelf - it is The Pure in Heart. After spotting it, I did go back to the mystery section to see if they had more of her titles and was pleased that they did (something to go back for!). I blame/thank Margaret over at Books Please for the Rankin book. I love a good mystery/adventure and she's really sold me on these.

    So there's my long-winded report. I *think* I'll be able to make it until February at this point without buying more. ;) Self-control is definitely a "life's-work" for me!

    I, too, anxiously await your report on the book from Elaine.
    Susan in TX

  6. I have just started reading your blog and was quite encouraged by your Project 24 approach. I am in a bad spot right now ..coz I have just moved abroad and will be going back home in a year's time, so there is no way I can buy books and lug them back. It can get quite depressing and I had no idea how addicted I was to buying books till now. I do have a fantastic library nearby which keeps me sane:)

  7. You could all read the books you already own... and, if it all gets too much, buy books for each other!
    Hark! What is that sound I hear? Is it the gentle fluttering of book sellers leaping to their death as sales drop through the floor?

  8. Good restraint, Simon! And some lovely choices.

  9. I don't actually buy many books now as am not working (yet) so I get things from the library. I tend not to read things I buy! Or half read them and stack them up on a kitchen chair getting dusty. I also borrow from my sister and get a 'Book Crossing' book out of local cafe in Towcester. This is a system where you take the book (left in public place) and can register online where it now is, then put it back/'release' it somewhere else! Also village fete good. Proust for 20p though have not read him much either! I presume Project 24 is only buying 2 books a month? Jane

  10. I like the sound of that book on Austen. (Okay, and definitely like the sound of a 2 pound jug of hot chocolate!) I'm looking forward to your review.


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