Monday 14 December 2009

Thank you Miranda!

No, not Miranda the adorably daft BBC sitcom which has just come to an end, but Miranda from Skirmish of Wit - for it is she who drew my name from Stacy's (aka Book Psmith) Persephone Secret Santa. December 15th is the day of the Big Reveal, I believe, and by the time anyone reads this it'll be December 15th in England at least. It must be already the 15th in about half the world (though don't ask me which half, because I can never remember which side the sun rises and which it sets... I remember this ruining a poem I wrote when I was about ten.) Talking about poems, to bulk out this post out, I've included the poem I contributed to the Thomas Family Newsletter. Yes, I'm afraid we're one of those families which send out Newsletters... I can never think of anything to write (although last year I'd just passed my driving test, so I think it was all about that) so this year I went for style rather than substance.

Back to Persephone - Stacy asked us to send a list of the Persephone Books we already have, but I thought it would be quicker to send a list of the four or five novels which I'm lacking (except now the new books have come out, I need all those t
oo - especially keen to get hold of To Bed With Grand Music by Marghanita Laski because the title is so good). Miranda chose to send *drum roll* House-Bound by Winifred Peck, which looks wonderful, so thank you Miranda!

Not only that, oh no, she also sent a rather lovely desk calendar featuring woodcuts by Gwen Raverat - isn't that nice? Sorry the photo's a bit blurry.

I'm looking forward to seeing which other Persephone Books cropped up around the blogosphere... And, to leave you, here's that poem - with apologies to AA Milne's 'Disobedience' (in case you don't know it, it's here)

Simon Simon
David David
Thomas (to be brief, me)
Took great
Trouble at learning
Though he was twenty three.
Simon David said to his Parents
"Parents," he said, said he.
"I mustn't go down
Til I've got the best gown.
I'll stay on for the PhD."

Simon David
Thomas's Parents
Wore a distinctive frown.
Simon David
Thomas's Parents
Thought he was playing the clown.
Simon David
Thomas's Parents
Said to their son, said they:
"If you must hang round
In that Oxford town,
Just don't expect us to pay."

Magdalen College
Put up a notice:
Step in, penniless students,
Apply for our hardship fund."
Simon David,
Wondering vaguely
If the offer is all it appears,
Applied and agreed
And found out that he'd
Signed up for three more years!

Simon Simon
David David
Thomas (the name is mine)
Has done
A few other things
In the year 2009.
Simon David says to his readers,
"Readers," he says, says he:
"I'd tell you it all,
From the big to the small,
But - this is the final line."


  1. I love seeing what everyone's received.. hope you enjoy your new Persephone.. you have almost now got the whole collection! :)

  2. Simon that's a great gift. I was loving it until I got to page 88 and discovered that there were about 20 pages missing and another 20 or so were bound upside down and out of order. The folks at Persephone, are sending me a replacement, but meanwhile I had to put my reading of House Bound on hold until the new one arrives. I hope yours is complete!

  3. No apologies...that was a clever play on the original! What a beautiful calendar and I hope you enjoy your new looks like a good one.

  4. I need to pay better attention. At first I thought you were the most brilliant ten year old ever because I thought that was the poem you wrote when you were ten. ;) Then I went back and re-read the post ...

    I mean, I'm sure you were a brilliant ten-year old anyway!

  5. Love the poem, and the original version is a favourite, too!

  6. What a wonderful gift! I can't wait for your review. I'm very happy with my Persephone present. It's been fun participating and seeing what everyone received.

    Love the poem!

  7. I know that the Persephone Secret Santa is going to my add to my own collection once I read all the reviews! I hope you enjoy.

    Great poem.

  8. Very funny poem! Glad you like your new book - I can't believe that you have nearly all of them. They must look amazing all together, or scattered through-out your collection. :)

  9. So glad you like both the book and the calendar, Simon! Merry Christmas!

  10. You had to make a list of the few you don't have? Lucky, lucky man! You must wait for the new releases like a starving man! Enjoy your fabulous new read. Happy reading and happy holidays!


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