Thursday, 29 October 2009


I saw this Wordle thingummy at Books Please, and it looked fun - and indeed it is! You can type in a blog address, or just paste in some text, and then customise further what arrives... This is what happened when I put my blog address in...

Have a go at making your own at! No real point to them, but fun, I think you'll agree?


  1. just the thing for a person on their sickbed. mine will be up soon -- thanks.

  2. Oh this looks like to try it out!

  3. I love Wordles! I used one on a post last week...

  4. I am not one much given to gimmicks thought this looks fun.
    I loved the blog entry below about doctor's wives.
    If I may be so rude as to enquire: what is the main topic of your doctorate?
    I am an ancient bookoholic, displace to Manhattan.
    Came to you via my friend Bee's excellent blog.

  5. Hello ewix - thanks for your comment. Not at all rude to ask, of course! My topic is fantasy in interwar domestic novels... just starting, so exploring avenues at the moment...

  6. Oh, I like this a lot and can see it would be useful for analysing some of my writing, to see how many interesting words I've used, once the pronouns and conjunctions and other mortar-words have been removed.

  7. And I will just add, since the more often you use a word, the bigger it shows, you can see which words you've overused.

    I love this.


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