Monday 7 July 2008

BAFAB Results!

Thank you Patch for helping me again with the BAFAB draw - highest number of entrants yet, so thanks all for joining. I loved how our favourite book-gifts were almost all ones we were given as children, ones which set us off reading or which we treasured then and now.

Patch took up his usual role of sifting through the entries.

He got a little excited...

But managed to come up with a name...

Congratulations Pamk! Please email me with your postal address -


  1. Congratulations Pamk! And thank you Simon and Patch for such a well run draw!

  2. haha. Patch is adorable!
    Congrats Pamk =)

    Carmen T

  3. Bought a postcard of brighton to send you today. some new pc's of Horley just about to come into the shop. I'm off to my cousins in Suffolk tomorrow,back on Sunday so I'll send them next week.Do appreciate your support for my blog. Many thanks.Daphne

  4. LOL! Patch is super cute :P
    Congrats Pam!


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