Monday, 28 January 2008


I don't know how often you peruse the links down under 'People To See', but if you've ever decided to start at the top and work down, you'll have come across 3191. I saw the link on Karen's site, when I was performing a similar run through, and fell in love.

The site started when two e-friends, 3191 miles apart, both took photos and compared. From then on, they took a photo every morning and, without comparing or conferring beforehand, uploaded them to their website. As well as both being excellent photographers, there were often coincidental links between the two pictures. My favourite coincidence was when both contributors had taken a photo of a pair of pink shoes. More often than not, the eye is drawn to a small link - the same shade of blue; a line drawing the eye across; two contrasting but beautiful materials. On their own, each photographer would have produced a delightful record of their year - together, this is something special.

I, along with lots of others, kept my fingers crossed for a book. And our hopes have been realised! It shan't be out until Autumn (or 'Fall', as they would have it) and possibly only from the US, but a copy has my name on it from now. Because of this publishing deal, with Princeton Architectural Press, the Year of Mornings (as their project was called) is no longer viewable online. The pictures here are from this website, telling about the book, and - though good - are far from their best, in my opinion. But fear not! They have now started a Year of Evenings. Equally beautiful, though very different, and I hope to buy the book in Autumn 2009, perhaps...

It may seem a little odd to devote a whole post to someone else's blog, but 3191 is a really special website - and that book is going to be a real treat when it comes out. Do go and enjoy a Year of Evenings alongside them.


  1. Lovely site -- what a great idea. Thanks for the link.

  2. Simon, I am also a fan of this site and am enjoying the evenings. I love the 'coincidences' between the photographs.


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