Sunday 8 July 2007

Introducing Patch the Wonder-Dog

Well, I don't have dovegreyreader's feline resources, more's the pity, and the Carbon Copy was reluctant to cover himself in sticky tape and roll on a pile of names... so I had to look elsewhere for assistance in choosing the BAFAB winner... introducing Patch! Here he is. Patch Woof Thomas, which is his full name, is only a month-and-a-half younger than me, and doesn't let me forget it. He came for my first Christmas, and whilst I have now grown taller than him, he's had the advantage of new paws. Don't know who's looking better for 21 years, really. Anyway, he volunteered to help me choose the BAFAB winner.

So I carefully wrote out all the entrants na
mes on little bits of yellow paper, cut up from unused paperchains from Christmas '05, and put little bits of sellotape on them...

...and Patch rolled through them until only one was left on the floor...
...and the winner is...

Congratulations Carole Bruce! I'm afraid I can't find an email address for you, so I do hope you're checking back to see if you've won. Email me with your address, ar - I think the most suitable book to send is The Summer Book by Tove Jansson, since it is the first one in my '50 Books You Must Read...' list. Unless you have it already, Carole, then we'll think of something else!


  1. Yes, Carole Bruce, that's me. I'll take the book (or an equivalent cash sum) if you just hand it to your brother, who can pass it on to me. Neat.

  2. Should the REAL Carole arrive, please note that the first comment is from my brother... you have an impersonator, Carole!

  3. Lovely Patch...thank you. I am Carole Bruce, I would love to claim my prize, but sorry to say, I do already have The Summer Book, I love it but don't really want another copy, perhaps Patch could choose an alternative. I'm a bit shy of putting my e-mail address here. Any suggestions?
    By the way, many congratulations to you and to my impersonator, on your firsts....quite brilliant.

  4. In my excitement, I didn't read your post properly. Will now e-mail you directly....

  5. Oh my days. I can't believe you actually did that.


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