Friday, 16 November 2012

My Life in Books (all of 'em)

As promised, here is the updated hub of My Life in Books, with links to all three series (as well as links to the bloggers in question.)  Enjoy!

Series One

Karen and Susan's Life in Books
Lyn and Our Vicar's Wife/Anne's Life in Books
Lisa and Victoria's Life in Books
Darlene and Our Vicar/Peter's Life in Books
Annabel  and Thomas's Life in Books
David and Elaine's Life in Books
Harriet and Nancy's  Life in Books

Series Two

Rachel and Teresa's Life in Books
Claire and Colin's Life in Books
Hayley and Karyn's Life in Books
Jenny and Kim's Life in Books 
Danielle and Sakura's Life in Books
Claire B and Nymeth/Ana's Life in Books
Gav and Polly's Life in Books
Eva and Simon S's Life in Books

Series Three

Jackie and John's Life in Books
Iris and Verity's Life in Books
Tanya and Margaret's Life in Books
Stu and Florence's Life in Books
Lisa and Jane's Life in Books
Laura and Jodie's Life in Books
Frances and David's Life in Books


  1. Such a great idea, Simon! I've enjoyed reading all of the series.

    1. Lovely! I stole the idea completely from the BBC, but I think it works better with bloggers - not celebrities pretending to love the classics! (Some of her guests were fabulous - especially P.D. James - but some were decidedly not.)

  2. This is great, thanks Simon - really enjoyed the last few of these, so good to have links to the back catalogue!

  3. thanks for picking me this time ,all the best stu


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