Sunday, 22 April 2012

Muriel Spark Reading Week... is coming!

It's really soon, folks!  Indeed, it starts tomorrow.

Both Harriet and I will be putting up introductory posts tomorrow, explaining how the week will work on our blogs - but for you lovely people, all you have to do is read a bit of Muriel this week, blog about it, and let one or other (or both) of us know.  Fun!

See you tomorrow...


  1. Norton Book Club & Chiselborough 'Library Teapot' started reading a month ago and discussed their reads last Monday down here in Somerset. They meet again this Thursday at the Rectory Honey Pot Book Shop over a soup and sandwich lunch to continue the discussion - look out for them joining in the on-line discussion... if they can sort out their computers... and the broadband signal doesn't collapse!

  2. I am really looking forward to this. I read "Loitering with Intent" and will write a review of it this week. I am so happy to be reading and thinking about this great writer!

  3. Just posted my review of The Driver's Seat.


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