Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Triple Choice Tuesday

I meant to mention this earlier, but better late than never - lovely Kim has very kindly invited me to take part in Triple Choice Tuesday - click here for more info, and my choices. Not a huge surprise to anyone familiar with my favourite books, but good fun nonetheless - while you're there, check out previous Triple Choice Tuesdays - they include Stuck-in-a-Book favourites such as Danielle, Sakura, Annabel, Jackie, Lizzy, Kirsty, Claire, Simon S, Teresa, Stu, Kim herself, and loads of others too.


  1. Great choices! i think I bought every single one of those based on your recommendations . . . but I still haven't read any of them yet (hangs head in shame). I really will get to them all someday, I promise!

  2. Thank you Simon.

    I am in need of a book. I am finishing up "When I am playing with my cat how do I know she is not playing with me" Saul Frampton- and I am loving it

  3. Karen - haha, I am persuasive, aren't I?!

    Helen - great title! Off to investigate...

    Thomas - I thought you'd done it, but you're not under the list of Triple Tuesday Links! ... are you?!


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