Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Comment issues...

... Clare has alerted me to some problems she's having with comments - i.e. the word verification thingummy doesn't show up. If you're also having problems, let me know on simondavidthomas[at]!


  1. Word ID here now.

  2. I think Blogger may just be having a bit of a funny turn. I tried to post a couple of paragraphs in a comment on another book blog (one that you alerted me too actually) earlier in the week. When I tried to preview my comment I got an error message asking me to enable Javascript in my browser - even though it was already enabled. In the course of trying to solve the problem my comments were lost. So the world will never know what I had to say about Chloe Schama's new book and whether Australia has a scheme similar to lending right in the UK. Ok, so the last bit doesn't sound like blog comment of the year!

  3. Thanks for your help, guys! It seems to have sorted itself out now...


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