Monday, 11 May 2009

Leftover books?

My friend Sherry, in an online book group I'm in, pointed out this link. Possibly an idea if you have books you don't want, good balance, and not too much self-consciousness.

In other book groupy news, there is a new Persephone Reading Group recently started up in Oxford. It's meeting every six weeks, I think, and the next one (which will be my first) is June 4th, reading Flush by Virginia Woolf. I'm excited to meet other Oxford-based Persephone lovers - and if anybody reading this lives in or near Oxford and would be interested in meeting to drink wine and talk Persephone, for just £5 a meeting, then let me know! I don't know if the organiser, Claudia FitzHerbert, would want me broadcasting her email address - so if you're interested, email me on and I'll put you in touch.


  1. Fashion for those of us with too many books on our hands.

  2. you write so advanced in the article, I am very happy to visit your blog and learn more after you read any posts


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