Monday, 20 April 2009

Yellow Goes To...

Patch stepped forward to help me with this draw, as usual, and he excelled himself - not only a very deserving winner of Janni Visman's Yellow, but one which doesn't even require me to use postage.

Lucy worked with me in the Bodleian library last year, and since we're both still in Oxford, she'll be given the book in person. Hopefully I'll get her to report back...

I'm away in Liverpool until Thursday, so no Stuck-in-a-Booking for a few days!


  1. Hope you enjoy Liverpool, my home town!

  2. i cant believe i won! i literally never win anything!! i may even go and see 17 again again with you now! XxX


  3. Well done Patch! You are looking very well. I hope you are not being over-worked!

  4. Enjoy Liverpool Simon and congratulations to the winner!

  5. Didn't you do well, Pitch-Potch?

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