Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Blues and Greens

Sorry I've been absent for a while - don't say I didn't warn you!

I had a weekend away with my church, Oxford Community Church, which was a great time of getting to know God better and being bowled over once more
by His love and grace. This was coupled with sleeping on a very hard, very cold floor... still, can't have everything.

Thought I'd keep you in the loop - have been re-reading primary texts for my dissertation, and noticed that they were all rather co-ordin
ated, not to say beautiful in their own right. I daresay I'll be writing more eloquently about their contents in time to come (those which haven't already appeared on Stuck-in-a-Book, anyway) but here is more playing with Picasa 3 to give you a glimpse of what's going on!

Do comment away on the books in the picture, if you have eyesight that good...


  1. hat a nice looking bunch of books and I am ashamed to say I have not read a single one of them, even the Rebecca West -- I am a huge fan of hers but this one has slipped past the radar. Look forward to hearing what you have to say about them.

  2. That first word should have been What...

  3. "Lolly Willows" - YES (recommended by Salley Vickers at a Persephone conference at Newnham Colleg, Cambridge)

    "The Haunted Woman" - YES (recommended by .....um ...er.... could it have been by a certain Simon of Stuck-in-a-Book ?)

  4. Just maybe, Ruth ;-)
    Was that yes = read, or yes = liked? I can't remember what you thought of The Haunted Woman

  5. Have you ever read any Richard Dawkins?

  6. I am shamed again, I havent read any of these! Oops.

  7. I found 'Lolly Willowes' quite an odd book...wasn't sure what the author really wanted to do with it. Am excited to see Vita S-W on there - haven't yet read 'The Heir'!


  8. I'm a great fan of Sylvia Townsend Warner and I love Lolly Willowes, although I have reservations about the devil.

  9. Yes as in yes I enjoyed the HAunted Woman

  10. I'll be interested in what you think of Harriet Hume. That's the only Rebecca West I've read that I really did not enjoy.

  11. I love Rebecca West, but I have to say that Harriet Hume is a bit daft. It has its moments but nothing like the brilliance of her later fiction.


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