Friday, 27 June 2008

Off for a bit

I'm off to London for the weekend, so will just leave you with info about the play wot I'm seeing (to misquote Ernie Wise):

On The Rocks

a new comedy by Amy Rosenthal

A passionate new comedy about D H Lawrence, his wife Frieda, and their close friends John Middleton Murry and Katherine Mansfield, which runs at Hampstead from 26 June until
26 July.

Set against the backdrop of the Cornish coast in the midst of World War I, this is the uplifting story of four friends trying to live together, two marriages struggling for survival and two writers striving desperately for creativity.

A comedy about Katherine Mansfield and DH Lawrence? The mind boggles - but I can't wait.


  1. Peter the Flautist28 June 2008 08:19

    If you see a black cat then it's probably me as I live about 500m from the theatre and will be passing it a couple of times this weekend.

    Have Fun! Dark Puss


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