Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Guess Which?

Oh dear, it's crept past midnight again (though I am trying to deceive the computer into thinking it's still Tuesday... we'll see if it works). And I'm very sleepy, so you'll have to prepare yourself for a book review tomorrow - to whet your appetite, I'll show you a photo of a bit of my bookshelf. The book I'll be reviewing is one of those in the picture... guess which. Not too tricky, perhaps, but means you get both text, photo and interactivity without me having to use my brain at all.


  1. The Tove Jansson? I'm envious of your nice Penguin edition of the Lehmann book! And of those Delafields--I've been searching for a used copy of The Provincial Lady--I guess I'll have to order it as I can't find it locally.

  2. simon, you put your books read with your books to be read together?!!?

  3. I hope it's the Tove Jansson as I am expecting my copy any day, and would love to know your thoughts on it. What a treasure house of books you have, I too love your favourite 'genre'; why do you like it so much?

  4. Lovely books! I think it will be Ex Libris.

  5. Is that not a speck of dust on top of Miss Lindsey...?


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